7 Conditions that Can Be Addressed by Chiropractic Care

7 Conditions that Can Be Addressed by Chiropractic Care, Dixon Chiropractic in Plantation, Florida

Annually, over 30 million people seek medical help from chiropractic practitioners to manage their illnesses. This is because of the immense health benefits that chiropractic care offers patients. Here are seven conditions/ailments that can be addressed through chiropractic treatments:


People spend countless hours in front of the computer. The odd angle at which their heads bend, can strain the neck muscles and cause pain. This neck pain can defer to the head and cause chronic headaches. The constant hunching of the back can hurt the spine, which can also sometimes manifest as a headache.

Chronic headaches can result in a loss of focus and increased irritability. Chiropractic care is designed to relieve the pressure in the neck and spine, thereby reducing headaches.


Allergy treatment is one of the lesser-known benefits of chiropractic care. Acupuncture, in particular, is designed to help the patient manage their allergies, sensitivities, and sniffles. At Dixon Chiropractic, we have extensive experience in acupuncture and chiropractic care.

High blood pressure

1/3rd of the adult population around the world suffers from hypertension. High BP can cause a wide range of cardiovascular disorders, which may turn fatal if care isn’t taken. Chiropractic treatments can help reduce high blood pressure by relieving the stress on the brain stem that’s responsible for systolic and diastolic BP regulation. 


Acupuncture is one of the most-preferred chiropractic treatment technique for ADHD. Studies have found that acupuncture improves the positive impact that biofeedback treatments have on children with ADHD, which in turn helps reduce brain hyperactivity. Chiropractic care is one of the few treatment techniques that doesn’t rely on medication to help children with ADHD and other behavioral conditions.

Back pain

Poor posture isn't the only reason for back pain. Wrong exercise stance and pregnancy are two other reasons why chronic back pain may develop. Chiropractic treatments are designed to ease the pent-up stress in the spine and the back muscles, allowing the body to relax and become pain-free.

Dr. Ashley Dixon has helped many patients find relief from back pain and she can help you too. Contact us to schedule an appointment. 

Gastrointestinal disorder

Chiropractic care is an excellent solution for digestive conditions like GERD, IBS, colic, and constipation. Chiropractic treatments activate the endocrine system and the nervous system, which are responsible for activities like the production of organ-regulating hormones and digestion. With the endocrine and the nervous system activated, the body safely digests the food, ensuring there is no onset of gastrointestinal disorders.


Chemotherapy can lead to muscle wasting, sickness, body pain, and tiredness. Chiropractic care can be used to manage these symptoms.

Chiropractic treatments like acupuncture release the stress in the muscles, ensuring that the patient feels relaxed and calm. At Dixon Chiropractic, we are a chiropractic center based out of Plantation, FL. Our sessions are designed to help strengthen your muscles, relieve stress and re-energize you through holistic medical care.

We also stock premium-quality CBD oil for purchase at our clinic, which has been found to alleviate cancer-related symptoms. Contact us for more information.

Why So Many Women Are Going Gaga Over CBD Oil?

Why So Many Women Are Going Gaga Over CBD Oil?, Dixon Chiropractic in Plantation, Florida

There’s a lot of buzz around the use of CBD oil, with claims of it having a calming effect on people’s minds. There have also been claims that CBD improves mood and sleep, as well as lowers anxiety. Amongst all people, women seem to be the most interested class of CBD users.

Before we delve deeper into the reason, let’s understand more about CBD.

How can CBD be used?

CBD is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid and a major component present in cannabis plants (like marijuana and hemp). It comes in different forms and potencies, such as CBD oil, pills, and powders. People can absorb CBD oil through the skin, or ingest or inhale it. Vaping CBD oil, however, is not considered a safe option.

How does CBD oil help women?

CBD oil has been used to alleviate several conditions such as inflammation, nausea, anxiety, migraines, sleep disorders and more. However, it can improve the overall health of women by working on some of the issues that are unique to a female body. These include the following:

Improve PMS Symptoms

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) can occur before or during their period. The condition can cause extreme discomfort, and often result in mood swings, breast tenderness, cramps, anxiety, extreme fatigue, bloating, cravings, and constipation.

It is seen that CBD can help reduce many of these PMS symptoms by reacting with the receptors in our Endocannabinoid System (ECS). By regulating the production of hormones, inhibiting cortisol, and managing the body’s perception of discomfort and pain, CBD oil can help women get through their PMS phase.

Maintain cholesterol levels

Cholesterol is essentially a fatty lipid molecule that is found in every cell in the human body. Primarily, there are two types of cholesterol, namely low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and high-density lipoprotein (HDL). Having a slightly different structure, HDL cholesterol is considered good cholesterol, while LDL Cholesterol is deemed to be bad cholesterol.

In 2011, the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health conducted a study that revealed that CBD oil could influence metabolism-related genes to regulate the level of cholesterol in microglial cells. In the process, CBD oil may help lower high levels of bad LDL cholesterol.

Provides dermatological benefits

CBD oil is packed with nutrient-rich, all-natural properties. This is the reason why so many women are adding CBD oil to their beauty regime. Starting from anti-aging lotions and serums and ending with stress-reducing supplements, CBD-based beauty products have gained immense popularity in the multi-million dollar beauty industry.

The oil is seen to deliver some fantastic benefits, such as boosting skin repair, strengthening hair follicles, reducing dark spots, and improving general skin and hair health.

CBD oil has indeed become a major subject for researchers, with some of them revealing astonishing results. But, before taking CBD oil a part of your daily life, you should consult with a medical professional to avoid complications.

Some pains and issues can be treated with chiropractic care and acupuncture too. A doctor like Dr. Ashley Dixon of Dixon Chiropractic should be able to advise you better. Fix a consultation today!

Chiropractic Treatments Can Help When You Have Plantar Fasciitis: Here's How

Chiropractic Treatments Can Help When You Have Plantar Fasciitis: Here's How, Dixon Chiropractic in Plantation, Florida

Your heels take the brunt of the impact when you walk, run, or play. While this can sometimes lead to minor aches and sprains, in other cases, injury to the heel can lead to a condition called plantar fasciitis.

But what exactly is this condition, and how can you treat it?

Your feet have a band of tissues that connect your heel bone to the bones of your toes. These connective tissues are called plantar fascia. This group of tissues provides support to the arches of your feet. When you overstrain or injure or sprain your plantar fascia, you develop a terrible heel pain, which is commonly called as plantar fasciitis.

Four ways in which chiropractors can help you manage plantar fasciitis

Typically, for minor cases of plantar fasciitis, sufferers try a range of treatments like topical ointments, gentle heel and leg exercises, icing of the heels, and changing of footwear. But, if your heel pain is unbearable and other treatments don’t provide you any relief, you should consider visiting a chiropractor for help. Here’s why:

Chiropractors can help reduce adhesions with muscle scraping
The tissues and muscles may become stiff and inflamed with plantar fasciitis. These adhesions caused by the fascia creates pain in the heel that can travel throughout the foot. Chiropractic treatment can be used to scrape the heels breaking up the adhesions. This will not only reduce the stress on your plantar fascia but will also reduce any pain and inflammation you may be experiencing.

Chiropractic treatments can improve feet structure with orthotics
Heel pain, including plantar fasciitis, can occur due to wrong foot placement during physical activities like running or swimming. This wrong foot placement often occurs due to genetics, the structure of the legs, or weight.

During chiropractic treatment, Dr. Ashley Dixon properly identifies structural misalignments of the foot and provides orthotics to improve structure. This will enable your muscles to function smoothly, as they should, and ensure that you land your foot in the right way.

Chiropractic treatments will help you develop the correct sleep posture
Most people tend to point their toes downwards when they are asleep. Depending on whether you’re on your back, your side, or your stomach, this stretching of the heels can strain your plantar fascia.

Chiropractors, through techniques like body adjustment, can help you develop the right sleep posture, which can prevent the stretching of the heels.

Chiropractors can assist you in the right spinal alignment
Foot pain can lead to or be a consequence of lower back, hip, knee, or ankle pain. Any problem in the spine can affect the functioning of your entire body, including the feet. Aligning the spine is the best defense to accompany any plantar fasciitis treatment.

At Dixon Chiropractic, Dr. Ashley Dixon will make a complete spinal adjustment to remove any restrictions that you may have in your lower back.

She will use techniques like acupuncture and spinal-pelvis realignment to stabilize your entire body. This will reduce the stress on your legs and your heels, reducing plantar fasciitis pain. 

If you’d like to schedule a treatment, feel free to contact us today.

Do You Suffer From Muscle Knots? Here's How You Can Treat It

Do You Suffer From Muscle Knots? Here's How You Can Treat It, Dixon Chiropractic in Plantation, Florida

Muscle knots can be really painful. They're hard, bumpy nodules of muscles that have tightened and fused. They are hard to the touch and when touched, can spread a piercing pain shooting across the body.

They can occur on areas of the body that experience high stress. These typically happen to be the back, neck, shoulders, calf muscles, and shins. Some reasons why muscle knots occur are:

Poor body posture
Injury to the body
Psychological stress
Joint & ligament problems
Lack of sleep & fatigue
Poor nutrition
Lack of water intake
Prolonged standing, sitting or squatting
5 ways to get rid of muscle knots and experience pain relief

Use an ice pack or heating pad on the area

Cold and heat both have healing properties. They can relax the muscles and reduce the tension in your body. Even the swelling in the muscle knots can be reduced dramatically. This can help your muscles loosen up and therefore not get knotted. So, as best practice, always keep a heating pad or an ice pack handy at home.

Do light stretching and exercise 

Gentle stretching, light yoga, and breathing exercises can open up your muscles and loosen the muscle nodules. Regular light stretching can reduce the chronic stress on your muscles and allow the proper flow of blood to the affected area. This can relieve pain and reduce the tension in your muscles, thereby untangling your muscle knots.

Eat the right way 

A lot of people don’t know that muscle knots and nutrition are directly related to each other. The truth is, eating the right diet, can give you the essential nutrients you need to reduce the pain and soreness of your muscle knots.

Foods and beverages like berries, eggs, milk, fish, broccoli, pomegranates, and turmeric-infused foods, contain nutrients that specialize in tissue repair. Including green tea in your diet can help you manage stress and in-turn relieve the tension in your muscles.

Visit a chiropractor for acupuncture or massage therapy 

Finally, the best and most effective solution to muscle knots is chiropractic care. Regularly visiting a chiropractor for acupuncture treatment or massage therapy can rid your entire body of its pent-up tension.

Acupuncture treatments are designed to provide deep stress relief to tight muscles. In acupuncture, and the chiropractor works to relieve the stress built-up inside the muscle. Acupuncture also stimulates endorphins in the body, which reduces the tightness of the muscles in the affected areas.

Massage therapy is perfect for full-body stress release. Here, gentle movements are used to reduce the soreness that your muscles experience due to day-to-day activities. The massage movements stimulate energy and blood flow in the body. This, in turn, reduces the strain that the muscles experience and untangles muscle knots.

Undergoing weekly or bi-monthly chiropractic sessions can prevent acute stress from setting in and keep away muscle knots.


One of the most cost-efficient treatments for muscle knots is body massage. Try massaging the areas of your body, where you feel the knotted muscles. This can greatly relieve the built-up tension and loosen the muscles.

The right self-massage technique is to press firmly on the muscle knots and move your fingers in a circular direction. You can even purchase an ergonomically-designed roller, which you can place between the wall/floor and your back and roll your body on.

Remember to be gentle on your neck. Or better still, visit a chiropractor for relieving neck muscle knots.

At Dixon Chiropractic, we can help!

Dr. Ashley Dixon has extensive experience helping patients experience relief from muscle knots. Contact her to book an appointment.