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The Healing Properties of Cayenne Pepper

The Healing Properties of Cayenne Pepper, Dixon Chiropractic in Oakland Park, Florida

Before you decide to hold off on the spice, you may be missing out on some profound benefits that Cayenne Pepper has to offer. Besides it adding dimensions to dishes, it holds some holistic properties at an affordable price.

Pain Relief

When Cayenne Pepper is applied topically it aids in reducing pain. The active ingredient in Cayenne Pepper is Capsaicin. The active compound of Capsaicin is used in some over the counter products like Capzacin and Zotrix. The amount of Capsaicin in a particular pepper depend on its potency. The stronger the pepper, the more capsaicin it contains.

Increases Circulation

Cayenne pepper, when ingested, can help aid in increasing blood flow and strengthening the vessels in the body including the heart. As a consequence, this could help decrease heart attacks, decrease vessel plaque build-up, and reduce cholesterol

Reduce allergies

Congestion caused by allergies could be decreased with this spicy herb. Cayenne helps with thinning the mucus and stimulating the sinuses.


How to buy this powerful herb

The best thing about Cayenne Pepper is that it is readily available in every grocery store and often in convenience stores at a reasonable price. However, when shopping for herbs as a form of herbal medicine the golden rule is the “purest and the freshest is the best” Buying or growing organic product to obtain the fresh herb is the best way to use the product, but organic dried or powdered works as well. Cayenne pepper supplements are also available at your local health food market. Be cautious of the expiration date, the look, and the smell of the product. If it looks old, loses its smell, or has expired, buy or grow another batch.



While Cayenne Pepper is a great natural herb, consult with your physician before use because it can interfere with some ACE inhibitors. Too much of a good thing can lead to a bad thing and Cayenne Pepper is no exception to this rule. Too much Cayenne pepper can increase stomach acid and could trigger indigestion and heart burn.

If you have more questions about herbal medicine or cayenne pepper, call Dr. Dixon, DC today at 954-372-7795. As a chiropractor in Oakland Park, FL , Dr. Ashley Dixon uses herbal supplements to aid patients in achieving their optimum health. Consultations are complementary and highly recommended to see how Chiropractic, Acupuncture, or Herbal Medicine can help you achieve your health goals.


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