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Supplements for chronic pain

Supplements for chronic pain, Dixon Chiropractic in Oakland Park, Florida

Besides chiropractic care, physical therapy, acupuncture, and massage, pain medications are one of the numbers of treatment methods for chronic pain. In most cases, they are cheap when prescribed, readily available, and they work fast. However, what if you can’t take ibuprofen due to pre-existing stomach condition, prescription allergy, pregnant, or trying to avoid the ever-growing opioid addition. Or even better, what if you just want a more natural supplement to help combat chronic spinal pain.

Natural relief supplements are great alternatives for pain relief than the typical over the counter drug option. The great things about natural supplements are that they have minimal to zero side effects and are easily accessible. Here are the main natural pain-relieving and noteworthy over the counter supplements.


SAM-e, also called S-adenosylmethionine is naturally occurring in the body. The amazing benefit of SAM-e is that it acts as a pain killer and could be as effective as your standard ibuprofen when it comes to relieving pain. According to WebMD, SAME-e has been used to ease the pain of fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraines, and bursitis. In addition to pain, SAM-e has been used to treat depression. SAM-e could be found in most health food stores.


MSM, also called Methylsulfonylmethane is also a chemical found in the body, but in its supplemental form has been used to treat the symptoms associated with arthritis. WebMD indicates MSM has been used in attempts to treat joint inflammation, superficial skin conditions, and some GI problems. MSM is easier to find than SAM-e and is typically on the shelves on any grocery or drug store. MSM can also be found combined with Glucosamine Chondroitin.

Glucosamine Chondroitin Sulfate

Glucosamine Chondroitin are compounds that are naturally found in our cartilage. Glucosamine Chondroitin is used mostly to decrease the degenerative effects of the joints, especially in the knees and hips. Some people have suggested that it may even reverse the effects of joint degeneration, but there isn’t enough evidence to suggest this. Glucosamine Chondroitin Sulfate can be found in most grocery and drug stores and is usually found with MSM.

When purchasing supplements for chronic pain relief it is important to contact your primary care physician regarding taking supplements, especially if you are currently taking medications, pregnant, or nursing.

It is also important to mention that while these supplements have the advantage of having fewer side effects than prescription medication, a disadvantage is these supplements take a while to show results. Some supplements can take up to 6 weeks to start working so expect to commit to these supplements for the long haul.

Lastly, while these supplements are available in many different brands and prices. Supplements are not created equally. Manufacturers can cleverly add non-effective ingredients to supplements that can alter the amount of dosage being received. Price isn’t always the best way to determine the quality of a supplement, the best way is to obtain physician-prescribed supplements that come from a reputable source.

Dr. Ashley Dixon, licensed chiropractor certified in acupuncture in Plantation, FL recommends the highest quality supplements that give patients the best chance at decreasing their chronic pain naturally. Feel free to contact Dixon Chiropractic for more information regarding our supplements and other services.