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Can CBD Help With Coronavirus?

Can CBD Help With Coronavirus?, Dixon Chiropractic in Oakland Park, Florida

Lack of definitive information

Amid the plethora of information being circulated with reference to the outbreak of the COVID-19, there has been deliberation about the potency of cannabinoids — mostly CBD — to terminate the coronavirus or stop its proliferation.

The answer to the question of whether there is any truth to such claims is that there is no cure or vaccine developed for the COVID-19 disease.

Does that essentially indicate the futility of the cannabinoids to address the issue of viruses?

Firstly, Cannabinoids have been found to work well against many types of bacteria and fungus, including MRSA and many common fungal infections such as Candida.

Hence, in that context, it may seem that CBD can also help COVI-19 patients but the reality is that it is not quite so. Over the years, a surfeit of misleading assumptions and apprehensions have been doing the rounds, such as:

·       CBD is an Anti-Viral Agent for Coronavirus, MERS, Influenza, and SARS

·       Cannabis ‘kills coronavirus’

Valid research data about cannabis science, if extracted out of context, may prompt people to arrive at a conclusion claiming that cannabinoids can cure all kinds of maladies, including the dreaded Covid-19 disease.

The confusion, however, lies in the fact that in some cases, specific cannabinoids can help against particular varieties of viruses, at least outside a living organism. Some studies have ostensible claims of efficacy in monkeys or mice. Unfortunately, no such studies have been allowed on humans till now. 

The issue, therefore, remains that there is not adequate information. CBD helps with some viruses, but not all. For instance, CBD helps in mitigating the severity of the inflammation, especially in the context of those viruses that require and cause systemic inflammation in the process of assuming control over the hosts and easing their diffusion to the next set of cells for infection. 

CBD may play a larger role in treating coronavirus

Notwithstanding the fact that CBD currently offers no cure for coronavirus in humans, experts opine that it has the potential to play a larger role in treating coronavirus. The reciprocal relationship between coronavirus in animals -- such as dogs, fowl, cows and pigs -- and humans is still under scrutiny. Although CBD is not yet a cure for coronavirus in humans, it has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory characteristics that have the potential to treat the coronavirus in human beings someday.

Cannabis can help ease specific generic symptoms

Finally, it is important to bear in mind that in the present scenario, the best course of action is to wash our hands frequently, avoid large gatherings, mind our coughs and be discreet about touching objects, especially metal ones.

Having said that, purely from the perspective of inquiry and based on generic information about cannabis and holistic wellness, it can be said that CBD has the potential to alleviate, if not cure, certain symptoms related to common cold, immune systems, body pain and respiration. Specifically, the benefits comprise both preventive as well as curative.