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How Timely Chiropractic Care Can Increase Your Workplace Productivity

How Timely Chiropractic Care Can Increase Your Workplace Productivity, Dixon Chiropractic in Oakland Park, Florida

These days, employees around the world work 40+ hours of work weeks. Sitting in the same spot for hours at a stretch with absolutely minimal movement can cause numerous health problems to their bodies. This can ultimately affect your workplace productivity.

Not just this, but as employees continue to fall ill, employee healthcare insurance costs will start to increase, until finally, they affect the overall profits of the organization.

But thankfully, there are solutions which can address work stress-induced health conditions – chiropractic care.

4 ways in which chiropractic care can help your employees

It can help reduce mental and muscular stress
Stress has become a very common feature of the professional landscape today. Employees spend countless hours trying to resolve conflicts, meet deadlines, and please stakeholders. This type of stress can take a heavy toll on the physical and mental health of the individual.

Chiropractic care, which includes a combination of physical massage and acupuncture, relaxes the muscles and helps relieve stress and tension in the body.

It can alleviate back and neck pain
Poor workplace ergonomics is the primary cause of chronic back and neck pain in employees. But timely, holistic treatments can help reduce this pain and make it more manageable.

Dr. Ashley Dixon, our head chiropractor, will realign the muscles and joints in your back and neck and ensure that they are set in the right way. This can relieve the pressure put on your nerves, which are the source of pain.

At Dixon Chiropractic, we also advise clients regarding postural management and we can provide tips on how to adopt and maintain the right posture at work to avoid back and neck injuries.

It can reduce the risk of hypertension
Work stress and tiredness can fatigue the body and increase hunger. This is why many employees binge on comfort snacks throughout the day as they work. These snacks – which are often high in oil and sodium (salt) – are extremely unhealthy for the body and they increase your employees’ vulnerability to hypertension.

Chiropractic adjustment of the C1 atlas vertebra can reduce high blood pressure in affected individuals and help the body become more resilient to hypertension in unaffected individuals.

It can help manage depression and anxiety
Depression and anxiety affect more than 7% of the US workforce. If they don’t seek timely support, your employees could experience intense challenges in their personal and professional lives.

Acupuncture and massage therapy can reduce the hormonal imbalances in the body that increase the symptoms of depression and anxiety in individuals. Additionally, joint and muscle adjustment can reduce the tension and stress in the body and help relieve anxiety considerably.

How Dixon Chiropractic can help? 

At Dixon Chiropractic, our team of highly-trained and experienced chiropractors has extensive experience helping working professionals find immediate physical and mental relief from their conditions through focused chiropractic care.

Dr. Ashley Dixon is an extremely empathetic individual and her support, guidance, and treatment will allow your employees to experience full-body wellness, becoming stronger, more active, more focused, and more creative.